V.I.P. Address File Database Lookup!

With the exclusive V.I.P. Address File Lookup Database, you’ll gain access to the world’s most sought after addresses and contact information for celebrities, athletes, government officials, and other noteworthy figures across the globe.

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Features include bookmarking your favorite addresses for easy retrieval and custom searches…to name a couple! If you’d like to gain access to the web’s most elaborate address compilation, click here to signup, and in just a few clicks you’ll be on your way to discovering all your favorite VIP addresses!

The V.I.P. Address Book

What is the V.I.P. Address Book?
The V.I.P. Address Book is a compilation of addresses of famed and noteworthy individuals from across the globe — published in hardback, the V.I.P. Address Book is used by people the world over to research addresses and contact information for thousands of public figures. Click Here for more info on V.I.P. Adress Book.

Benjamin Franklin Award Recipient

The V.I.P. Address Book is a winner of the Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Directory given by the Independent Book Publishers Association. Formerly known as the Publishers Marketing Association, an award from the 1,300 member group is one of the most distinguished honors in the book field.

Welcome to the Wiggins Collection!

The Wiggins Collection boasts more than 20,000 autographed items! Autographed photos, letters and cards from celebrity personalities across the  globe are included in this collection, right here
at the Wiggins Collection!

Noteworthy items in the Wiggins Collection include autographs from Muhammed Ali, Fred Astaire, Mary Pickford, Bing Crosby, Woodrow Wilson, Ronald Reagan, Red Grange, Jack Dempsey, J.Edgar Hoover, Magic Johnson, Douglas MacArthur and Pablo Picasso!
…just to name a few!.

The collection offers near-mint or mint condition articles, signed and inscribed by the indicated celebrites…these items are 100% authentic. No copies or prints will be sold. Click Here for more info on the Wiggins Collection.


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