What a Surprise!

For as long as I can remember, Laurence Olivier was my favorite actor.  I saw Wuthering Heights as an impressionable young girl and fell in love.  I watched everything he was in & never changed my mind.

Many years later, I met my future husband and told him of my love affair with Olivier.  I knew he collected autographed photos and probably had one of Laurence but never saw it.

In 1979 Olivier was to be awarded an Honorary Academy Award.  I knew I would be watching as I always do but that day the mail brought me an even bigger surprise – an autographed photo of Laurence Olivier!  Ok, he didn’t spell my last name correctly but who cares.  It was his face for me to gaze at – starstruck as ever – for the rest of my days.

In case you can’t read the caption, it says – Dracula, 1978, For Adele Cook – all good Olivier.

Thanks, honey, for knowing just how to surprise me!