Movie Favorites

When you think of your favorite movies, do you think of them as a favorite because of a particular star or set of stars or is the story?  Let’s take a look at some favorite movies and who made them great.

Psycho is a classic Hitchcock thriller.  Would it have been the same without Anthony Perkins or Janet Leigh?

Janet Leigh                          Anthony Perkins

There is another wonderful movie – Gone With the Wind.  Can you image this movie without Clark Gable & Vivian Leigh?  Hollywood keeps wanting to do a remake but would it ever live up to the original?  Who do you think would be the stars of today who could fill their shoes?

Gable, Clark2           Vivian Leigh

We don’t know about you but we love anything with Doris Day in it.  She’s done all types of movies but mostly she’s known for her musicals.  She still works tireless for animal protection so she needs to be in “movie favorites” too.

Day, Doris

Then there are the Bogie & Bacall films.  They had the chemistry to make any movie they were in sizzle.  Does anyone do it better now?  We don’t think so.

Bogart, Humphrey          Lauren Bacall1

Do you have movies with stars that made it the favorite it is to you?  Let us know.  We’ll use your input and put photos with your stories.