What a Surprise!

For as long as I can remember, Laurence Olivier was my favorite actor.  I saw Wuthering Heights as an impressionable young girl and fell in love.  I watched everything he was in & never changed my mind.

Many years later, I met my future husband and told him of my love affair with Olivier.  I knew he collected autographed photos and probably had one of Laurence but never saw it.

In 1979 Olivier was to be awarded an Honorary Academy Award.  I knew I would be watching as I always do but that day the mail brought me an even bigger surprise – an autographed photo of Laurence Olivier!  Ok, he didn’t spell my last name correctly but who cares.  It was his face for me to gaze at – starstruck as ever – for the rest of my days.

In case you can’t read the caption, it says – Dracula, 1978, For Adele Cook – all good Olivier.

Thanks, honey, for knowing just how to surprise me!



Promotion Is Hard

We are new to the social network scene – other than personal Facebooking – and wonder if we’re alone when it comes to promoting ourselves.

We have worked hard for over 25 years to get people interested in our product and while fairly successful, we’d like to do better and thought social networking would be the answer.  Well, it might be but who knew it would take up so much time in thought and deed?

Actually, we know we’re not alone because we have a friend who writes books.  He says he loves to write but hates to promote.  Well, we all know – if you self publish, you have to promote yourself because no one else will!  That’s probably the case even if you are being promoted by a big book company.

So, here’s what we have done so far.  We’ve hired someone to help us get started with the social network – business Facebook account, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+, and this blog – and now we’re supposed to do something.

We’ve put up some blogs, we’ve tweeted, we’ve Facebooked but not with much success.  We haven’t quite figured out Tumblr, Pinterest & Google+ and then there’s YouTube!  Gads!  Who has time to work and do all this too?  Do we need to hire someone for this or can we do this ourselves?

The questions for today.  What would you do if you were trying to get started in the social network scene?  Would you do something every day or every week?  Would you use all the social network options?  If not, which ones would you pick and why?

Remember, we’re into promoting ourselves so check out our website – www.vipaddress.com.  There you can find the people who have influenced our lives AND you can buy autographed photos.  We have 3 options – the V.I.P. Address Book, the V.I.P. Address File Database Lookup, and the Wiggins Collection.  Give it a try & help us figure out what makes sense to novice social networkers!